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There are no charges or fees. Links are directly to your store, all transactions happen there. No really, it is free.

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For artists and indie labels to add merchandise to feature on the site.
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    While I figure out the best system, I wanted to give bands and labels a chance to share their merch curso cientista de dados in Items will link directly to your online store, no transactions will occur on this site.
  • what should I list the item as. Feel free to include band name. Example "Sarah Shook & The Disarmers T-Shirt"
  • share more about the item. Limited availability, etc.
  • the directly link to the item on your store/website.
  • if possible, the link to the image you would like used. If not provided, will attempt to use from store url.
  • if you would like to provide me with an email address, I can follow up on adding additional items and or multiple artists.
  • have anything else to share? A question? A comment? Leave it here.
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